Entry Level Course Requirements

At Lost River, all training is performed by an NWSA, (National Wildfire Suppression Agency) certified member of our staff. To be eligible for employment you must first complete entry level fire school and be 18 years or older. This course contains 40 hours of classroom time and discussion of the Incident Command System, Fire Behavior, Weather and Safety to name a few. Applicants must be present for all training days to complete certification. In addition to the classroom time you must pass a physical endurance test known as the pack test. During the pack test you will be expected to carry 45 lbs for 3 miles in less than 45 minutes. 

Experienced Firefighters

If you have already taken your entry level class, you will need to go through an 8 hour refresher course as well as complete the pack test each year to remain current on your credentials. Anyone who has not been on a fire in 5 or more years will need to be completely re-certified at the entry level fire school. The pack test is completed regardless of weather. Please come prepared.  

Attend a Training Event

To attend classes please call us at the number provided above to reserve your place in class and for further instructions no later than 5:00 p.m the day BEFORE class is set to begin. You will be coming to school, please bring all the necessary equipment including an official identification card, a notebook, and a writing utensil. These things are needed and required for the certification process.

Please call our office at 51-273-4737 or email training requests or questions to

Remember: Applicants MUST attend ALL training days to receive their certification.

Upcoming Training Events

No upcoming events.