Are you looking for an exciting career in Wildland Fire, Forestry, or Heavy Equipment? At Lost River, our employees are ready to travel at a moment’s notice and have a family who understands the extreme conditions and demands of their loved one's career. On some projects, "remote area" doesn't even begin to cover it. Your cell phone will have a tough time finding service, showers are difficult to come by, and food won't exactly be anyone's idea of gourmet but, you will see new country at heights no tour guide could ever show you.  

Our owner, Claren Nilsson has been committed to the industry for nearly 35 years. All crew leadership has been individually trained by her side. Claren is understandably familiar with the demands of her industry. While it is likely that Lost River  will ask employees to do more than they ever expected possible, We will never ask anyone to do anything that the leadership team cannot, will not, or has not already experience in the course of their career.

Application Process


To start the application process, please complete an essay using the following prompt: Why do you want to be a firefighter? Please note, essays should be no less than 200 words  and no more than 500 to be considered.

Individuals applying from outside Northern California and Southern Oregon may be eligible for relocation credit including the cost of one-way airfare and one night of lodging. While we may assist you in locating seasonal housing, Lost River Fire Management does not provide housing for any employees. 

Finally, all crew members must complete their Basic Firefighter or RT 130 and pack test prior to accepting a fire assignment. If you are unsure about training, please give us a call at the number listed above before submitting your resume. Thank you. 

Mail your Resume, Firefighter Qualifications and completed essay attention Jennifer to:

                           LOST RIVER FIRE MANAGEMENT 

                                       PO BOX 933

                                       Merrill, OR 9763

Should you wish to apply online, please attach your resume, qualifications and completed essay by email to:  jennifer@lostriverfire.com **Those without fire qualifications and training need only submit a resume with their completed essay.