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At Lost River Fire Management, we are proud to have received the following recognition for our contributions to our community and to our field. Thank you to all of those individuals who have become the face of Lost River and helped us put our best foot forward. Success is a team effort. we could not have done it without you. Thank you for a job well done. 

"Our relationship has been built on trust, honesty, and reliability."
 I have worked with Claren Nilsson and Lost River Fire Management for several years on many different projects, including national fire contracts, emergency response contracts that require Incident Command System highly trained and qualified personnel, and base camp operations.   Our relationship has been built on trust, honesty, and reliability.  We have found the company culture of Lost River to be similar to ours; one based on safety, performance, and professionalism.  Additionally, I have found that the commitment to customer service is paramount in focus and action.  I would gladly work with Claren and Lost River Fire Management any time.
- Don Pollard, owner, GFP Emergency Services

"I highly recommend Lost River Fire Management."
I received nothing but positive reports from several individuals that thought to call and commend me on selecting such a great contractor. I could not be happier with the overall success of the project. We were able to reduce risk to PG&E employees and the public by removing vegetation that was an impediment to line of sight while driving and in the process of achieving this goal had no accidents or injuries while operating on a narrow mountain road. I am confident, from my observations that Lost River Fire Management Services has the ability, equipment, and personnel to effectively provide vegetation or fuel management services and I plan to retain them for future projects. For these reasons, as well as the Company Ownership’s character and honesty, I highly recommend Lost River Fire Management for any Vegetation Management or Fuel Reduction project you have to offer.
-Matthew Brown PF PCA, Land Consultant
Pacific Gas and Electric Company

"Can-do ethic"
The key factor of note was their positive attitude and can-do ethic. They deserve a Type I Crew Classification.
-L. Dean Clark, FMO
Bandelier National Monumen

"I've never met nor worked with a crew as professional as the Lost River Crew."
I've worked with and encountered many different types of contract crews, both on fire and project work but I have never met nor worked with a crew as professional as The Lost River Crew. This crew is in many ways more organized, more mature, more confident and fun to be around than many Type I crews I have been associated with.
-Gary Kemp, FMO
Bandelier National Monumen

"Surpassed by Few"
I have personally known and worked with Claren Nilsson for more than ten years. Her knowledge and skills in wildland fire suppression as well as prescribed fire are surpassed by very few who work in her field.
-Rowdy Muir, FMO
National Type I Incident Commander

"Any Contract that utilizes Lost River Fire Management would be well served"
In addition to being well qualified and structured, this crew exhibits a tremendous work ethic and willingness to provide high quality customer service. Beyond the "paper" qualifications, the crew, without exception, comported themselves professionally. They worked willingly and hard, completing whatever task they were assigned. This crew comes highly recommended. Any contract that utilizes Lost River Fire Management would be well served.
-Craig Letz, Fire Management Officer
Crater Lake National Park

"Breaking down barriers"
Clare has taken kids without respect for themselves, their community, or their society and made men and women out of them. Her ability to integrate people most of us had written off and make them into productive firefighters and respectable citizens is truly amazing. She is breaking the fences these kids think are holding them out of being members of society and turning them into firefighters, as respected a profession as anything out there. I have often thanked Clare and told her she has done more for my community than anyone else I know.
-Chris Orr, Suppression Battalion Chief
 Modoc National Forest

“Extremely Competent.”
Lost River's demeanor, discipline, firefighting skills, knowledge, communications facilities, transport and tools were faultless.
-John Sutton, Area Manager,
Rangitaiki, New Zealand

"Proven their value."
Lost River has always engaged incidents in a professional, organized, and prepared manner. They have excellent leadership, outstanding work ethic, a very good safety record, and great moral.
-Tim Fike, Operations Section Chief
NorCal Team 2