Heavy Equipment

Lost River Fire Management
Po Box 933 Merrill, OR 97633
Phone: 888-798-0236
Fax: 541-273-2863

Our heavy equipment makes those big projects seem small. Whether a project requires brute strength or finesse, we have a machine for that. Our Ponsse Harvesters/ Forwarders feature cut-to-length technology, forwarding/hot loading, brush piling, mastication and confined space operation, all with surgical precision and less compaction than the average human footprint. On tires, tracks, or steep terrain, this machine not only offers versatility for professional foresters and wildland fire suppression but allows utility companies the flexibility to maintain right of ways with little impact to traffic or personnel. 

Should you require more information, please don't hesitate to contact us at the number provided above. Please have a look at the videos below or our latest PowerPoint Presentation or our Full Color Brochure for better look. 

                                         HEAVY EQUIPMENT SERVICES INCLUDE:
Professional Forestry Applications
Cut to Length Technology
Controlled Directional Felling
Confined Space Operation
Surgical Precision
Utility Line Right of Ways

Hazardous Tree Removal
Flagging and Traffic Control
Site Prep
Piling & Ripping
Minimal Disturbance
Equipment on Tires or Tracks


We would like to extend a big thank you to the folks at Floyd Kendall Photography for their efforts in creating these videos for us. Please stop by www.floydkendallphotography.com to see more!