Emergency Services

Lost River Fire Management
Po Box 933 Merrill, OR 97633
Phone: 888-798-0236
Fax: 541-273-2863

When the weather gets rough and the need for disaster relief arises, Lost River has the capacity to support multiple turnkey base camps with up to 5,000 occupants per camp. These camps come complete with soft sided or containerized living quarters with HVAC systems, mobile kitchens,showers, laundry, medical services,and camp security. This enables all emergency workers and executives the peace of mind to excel at their jobs without having to plan for life’s necessities while receiving quality food, rest, and information based on the Incident Command System

                                                  EMERGENCY SERVICES INCLUDE:
Turn-Key Base Camps

Power Generation/Distribution

HVAC Systems

Light Towers

Fuel Service

Recreation Facilities

Identification Carding & Badges

Camp Security

Complete Incident Command Staff

Containerized or Soft-sided Resources

Housing Facilities

Command and Office Facilities

Potable, Gray & Black Water Services

Kitchen and Food Prep Facilities


Shower Facilities (Wheelchair Accessible)

Laundry Facilities

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